"Haunting Lusitania" - A Play in Two Acts

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Haunting Lusitania 

by Kevin Baldwin  (Author)

“Haunting Lusitania”

A Play in Two Acts


MALCOLM NEWMAN – American film historian, works with Doug Wells. Handsome man, late twenties to early thirties.

DOUG WELLS – American film historian, Malcolm’s associate. Witty, talented. Good looking. Mid twenties to early thirties.

JANICE CONWAY – Irish woman, living in Dover, England. Great granddaughter of and caregiver for Mrs. McShane-Bryce. Early to mid twenties.

ETHEL MCSHANE-BRYCE – Elderly Irish woman, born out of the love of two Lusitania survivors. Lives with Janice Conway in Dover, England.

SCHWIEGER – Mysterious German gambler and tortured soul. RMS Lusitania priest. Weathered looking. Early thirties.

DAVIES – British sailor. Brash, hard working, blue collar type. Can be anywhere between early thirties to early fifties.

FIRST OFFICER ROWLAND – British First Officer serving aboard RMS Lusitania. Rugged looking. Handsome man, late twenties to mid thirties.

CAPTAIN TURNER – British captain of the RMS Lusitania. Late forties to mid fifties.

ERNEST JONES – American filmmaker and producer. Greedy, selfish and lascivious opportunist. Early forties to early fifties.

LILLIAN LUMIET – Former buxom star of early American burlesque stages. Trying to make it big as a silent film actress, in spite of the fact she cannot act. Attractive, brash, selfish and a nymphomaniac.  Mid thirties.

YVONNE MCSHANE – Ethel’s mother. Irish. Another actress. Jones’s assistant. Attractive and down-to-earth. Early to mid twenties. Malcolm’s love interest.

ERNEST COWPER – Canadian journalist. Early to mid twenties. Interviews Lillian. Sees the conning tower of the submarine before the torpedo was fired at Lusitania.

ALFRED G. VANDERBILT – American millionaire. Late thirties. Acts like a playboy however is actually a devoted husband who sacrifices his life in the pursuit to save others on board the sinking Lusitania.

RONALD DENYER – Valet for Vanderbilt. American. Devoted servant who also sacrifices his life to save others on board the sinking Lusitania. Late twenties to early thirties.

SARAH LUND – An American woman travelling aboard Lusitania with her husband and father after finding out her mother survived the sinking of the Empress of Ireland.

JOHN WALSH – Handsome British man romantically involved with Gerda Neilson. Proposed to her on the night before Lusitania is struck. Late twenties to early thirties.

GERDA NEILSON – Attractive British woman romantically involved with John Walsh. Proposed to by John on the night before Lusitania is struck. Late twenties to early thirties.

THEODATE POPE - First class passenger traveling with Professor Friend.  A middle-aged spinster from a wealthy estate in Farmington, Connecticut. Believes in an afterlife and the power of the mind. Has a slight spiritual quality to her.

PROFESSOR EDWIN FRIEND - First class American passenger traveling with Miss Pope. Mid twenties. Secretary of the New York’s Society for Psychic Research. Former professor at a western college but living on the Pope estate with his pregnant wife during the past year.

LADY ALLAN – French Canadian aristocrat with two young troublemaking daughters.

ANNA ALLAN – One of Lady Allan’s daughters. French Canadian. Early to mid teens.

GWENDOLYN ALLAN - One of Lady Allan’s daughters. French Canadian. Early to mid teens.

DOROTHY BRAITHWAITE – Young French Canadian woman who travels to see her sisters who have both been widowed on the same day. Celebrates her birthday aboard Lusitania.

BARMAID – Verbose, heavyset Irish woman serving in a filthy, guttural Dover bar. Can be anywhere between early forties to early sixties.

MARINER # 1 – Old Welsh fisherman frequenting the filthy, guttural Dover bar. Early forties to sixties.

MARINER # 2 – Old Welsh fisherman frequenting the filthy, guttural Dover bar. Early forties to sixties.

THREE MUSICIANS – Two carry violin cases. All three wear tuxedoes. Flexible casting.

GWYNN JONES – Welsh tenor who performs a song at the Vanderbilt party. Flexible casting.

ONE SAILOR – Drunken. Flexible casting.

FEMALE PASSENGER – Attractive, provocative woman, catches the eye of Ernest Jones. Flexible casting.


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