Murder at Club Fishnet - A Raunchy Murder Mystery Comedy Screenplay

Murder at Club Fishnet 

by Kevin Baldwin  (Author)

Imagine what would happen if Neil Simon ever collaborated with Howard Stern. You’d probably get a story like “Murder at Club Fishnet”, a sexual farce about a murder that takes place in a brothel!


Madam Angelina Bovine is worried that one of her girls is a murderer when she discovers decapitated limbs at her brothel.

She asks virginal gumshoe detective Connie to investigate “undercover” as one of the girls at the whorehouse.

Connie asks her gay uncle the cop to help her out but both are followed to “Club Fishnet” by her fiancé Gary.

See what happens to Connie, Gary, the gay uncle, the hockey team, Madam Angelina and the girls of “Club Fishnet” as this sexual farce reaches its climax! It’s not porn, but the next best thing!

"Murder at Club Fishnet is also available as a hysterical two-act play from Norman Maine Publishing.

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