"Pieces of a Man's Heart" - A Play in One Act

Pieces of a Man's Heart - A Play in One Act

by Kevin T Baldwin (Author)



The Time – Fall, 2005   

Evelyn Murtaugh has traveled to Morganton, North Carolina from Chicago, Illinois to see Mrs. Heidi Traub on a very important matter.  Evelyn’s adoptive father passed away unexpectedly, and in his will left instructions that Evelyn was to receive a package.  In the package, which Evelyn was told was twenty years old, there was a sealed envelope containing a cardboard puzzle piece. The game piece looked like half of a heart pendant.  There was also a note inside, from Evelyn's biological father. In the note, he instructs "Evie" to seek out and return the missing piece of the heart.


HEIDI TRAUB - A mother of three daughters – Southern drawl 

EVELYN MURTAUGH - A 19 year old woman from Chicago who has come to see Mrs. Traub 

ADRIENNE TRAUB - Mrs. Traub's eldest daughter, approximately 19 years old – Southern drawl 

CLARISSA TRAUB - Mrs. Traub's second youngest daughter – Southern drawl 

SHAWNA TRAUB - Mrs. Traub's youngest daughter – Southern drawl   

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