"Ponytail" - A Drama in Two Acts


Ponytail - A Drama in Two Acts

by Kevin T. Baldwin (Author)

Time: 2013

Setting: The Town of Millborough


Years ago, Seamus "Ponytail" O’Donovan was drummer for one of the hottest Irish rock bands ever to tour the globe. Then, when the band’s lead vocalist split to become a Northern Irish radical, the group fell apart. Now, married four times and living in America, Seamus has become an insurance investigator to make ends meet. Seamus’s brother is killed and his young niece, Adalynn Rose, comes to live with him and current wife, Gail. When tragedy strikes, Seamus has a terrible time adjusting. Then, to complicate matters, his friend and former lead vocalist returns. “Ponytail” is a story about a man coming to understand his own mortality and the mortality of others. 


A Play in Two Acts


SEAMUS "PONYTAIL" O’DONOVAN - Insurance investigator, former drummer for a well-known Irish rock and roll band, the “Pony Tales”. Mild Irish brogue. The band’s trademark was the long ponytail worn by all its members. Sometimes referred to as "Pony". Married a total of four times, but his true love is his current wife, Gail.

ADALYNN ROSE WINCHESTER - Seamus’s 11 year-old niece from a small farming community on an island off the coast of Ireland. She has long hair tied in a ponytail. Stronger Irish accent. She is extremely smart but also in mourning over the loss of her parents so sometimes she comes off a bit cross. New to America she is like a fish out of water.

MARCUS EDELSTEIN - Seamus’s enthusiastic and ambitious young partner. American.

DOMINIC ROUSSOS - Wealthy Greek importer-exporter. Wife dies in hospital and Seamus investigates. Mild Greek accent.

GAIL O’DONOVAN - Seamus’s fourth wife, an American. Suffered from a damaged kidney and is on medication. Devout Catholic. Full of love.

FR. MATHIAS MALOBICKY – Scottish Pastor at Gail’s church. Mild Scottish brogue.

CLAUDIA ESTRADA - Father Mathias’s Latino housekeeper who helps out at Seamus’s place after Gail’s death. Strong Latino accent.

PRINCIPAL HECTOR OWENS - Principal at Adalynn Rose’s school. Can be modified to suit multicultural casting purposes.

DR. EVELYN PIASECKI – School psychiatrist at Adalynn Rose’s school. Can be modified to suit multicultural casting purposes.

SONDRA MINX - Nurse at hospital, aka “Minxie” - Can be modified to suit multicultural casting purposes.

TOM CARNEY – Gail’s brother. Slender build. Attractive. Lead singer and flamboyant front man for Seamus’s old rock band. Tom abandoned rock to become an underground Northern Irish radical. Still sought by international authorities, Tom has been in hiding for years.

SUNSHINE SIMMS - Oldest of Seamus’s estranged daughters. An alcoholic. Married with four children.

RAINBOW CHAMBERLAIN - One of Seamus’s estranged daughters. In a lesbian relationship.

WILLOW SKYE O’DONOVAN - Youngest of Seamus’s estranged daughters. Unemployed.

REESE DUPUIS – Older medical examiner. Can be modified to suit multicultural casting purposes.

NEWS ANCHOR – Typical television or radio newscaster. Can be offstage voice or modified to suit multicultural casting purposes at director’s discretion.

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