"Water Brats" - A Play in Two Acts

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Water Brats - A Play in Two Acts   

Kevin Baldwin (Author)

5 Females,  1 Male

Time:  July, 2013

Setting: The Town of Millborough


Six middle-school age girls from varying backgrounds get themselves trapped together in a large underground outfall connected to an abandoned treatment plant for the local sewer system. 

They need to find their way out in two hours before the next water discharge floods the tunnel. 

They have to travel from the diffuser tunnel to the outfall tunnel, or approximately two miles under sea level, in order to reach the other exit located near the bottom of the outfall shaft, one hundred feet under water. 

Along the way, they find a bag filled with money and the inscription "Millborough Savings Bank" along the side. 

But they can't tell any adult because, while down there, anyone with a cell phone finds that their devices aren't working sufficiently, thus they cannot call for help letting anyone know they're trapped. 

However one text message is received and comes through on a cell phone VERY clear: 

"I'm coming for you!"

"Water Brats"

A Play in Two Acts


(All teens are between the ages of 11 and 14)

NANCY - A thoughtful girl, even tempered, level headed. Just got braces and is concerned about her skin complexion. Has an infected left ear from a recent piercing, so she wears a large bandage over it. Can't stand how Claire treats everybody.

CLAIRE – A “big boned” girl with a nasty temper. Comes across as hating everybody, at first. Pulls cruel pranks such as tossing water balloons and spit balls at people. Uses her Attention Deficit Disorder as an excuse to hate her teachers at school. Has an older brother, Steven, who is about to be sent overseas to serve in the military. Loves to eat ice cream “push-up” pops, carrying them in a cooler on her bike.

MARY – Although she is friends with Claire and Nancy, Mary is a bit of a loner, quiet, doesn't care about much. Gothic in appearance. At home, her parents argue all the time. She is very superstitious, into witchcraft and astrology. Enjoys wandering through the Millborough Graveyard in search of ghosts.

LAURIE – Peggy’s sister, a very “high maintenance” young girl, a bit prissy, spoiled rotten, a prima ballerina. Always looking for praise from the others. Enjoys Greek mythology, especially the Goddess Venus, with whom she identifies. Makes and wears her own butterfly belts, which she gives as presents to others. Always bragging to her friends about the number of boys who like her and NOT Peggy. Wears curlers in her hair and make-up on her face.

PEGGY - Mary's sister, the self-proclaimed “leader” of the girls, although her leadership capabilities are tested. Constantly arguing with Claire. Secretly has a crush on Claire's older brother, Steven. Loves to play "Truth or Dare". Spends a lot of time in the Millborough Library studying other people's genealogy. Keeps old scanned photos and copies of old newspaper articles on her person.

EILEEN - The jock of the group, a tom-boy, athletic. Parents are divorcing. Mother tries to get her to dress up more often. Has a lot of "uncles", meaning men whom her mother is dating. She is moving to go live with her father. Loves playing basketball, regardless of rain, thunder or lightning. Has a pet cat she keeps losing in the Millborough Graveyard. Enjoys the town of Millborough's Fourth of July fireworks celebration and looks forward to it every year, but especially this year, because it will be her last summer to enjoy them with her friends.

MATTHEW - A boy, a bit of nerd, two years younger than the girls. Has an innocent crush on Peggy.

EILEEN’S MOTHER – Offstage voice. Very loud and nasally.

Note: These characters should not be played as caricatures, but as real girls with typical “tween” issues.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved. Copying or reproducing this material or any part of this book in any manner is strictly prohibited by law. All other rights in this play, including those of professional production, radio broadcasting, motion picture rights, are controlled by Kevin T. Baldwin to whom all inquiries should be addressed.

PERFORMANCE LICENSE  All amateur acting rights to this play are controlled exclusively by Kevin T. Baldwin without whose permission no performance, reading or presentation of any kind may be given. On all programs and advertising this notice must appear: “Produced by special arrangement with Kevin T. Baldwin”

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