"When the Bottom Fell Out - A Play in Two Revealing Acts"

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When the Bottom Fell Out 

by Kevin Baldwin (Author)


During the “me decade” a female auditor working for a very conservative firm poses nude for a men's magazine and her whole life gets turned upside down.

During the 1980s a beautiful young accountant is offered the chance to be featured in a men's magazine. When she accepts her entire life is turned upside down.

"When the Bottom Fell Out" is a comedy written in two acts, featuring many wonderfully charming characters.

"When The Bottom Fell Out"

A Play in Two Revealing Acts


(In order of appearance)

KAREN MCPHERSON - hard working auditor for the Wilson Auditing Firm. Approximately twenty-five years old, blonde hair, trim figure, very attractive and intelligent

SECRETARY # 1 - Female administrative assistant for Wilson Auditing Firm. Represents the large female population within the company. If doubling up is required, may also play the role of “June”.

BRUCE TALBOT - Slovenly maintenance worker for the building that Wilson Auditing Firm owns. Approximately fifty years old, good looking, funny and intelligent...in his own way.

HENRY CORBETT – Immediate Supervisor to Karen and the company “messenger boy” for its president. Mid-forties, receding hairline. Nervous, obnoxiously polite fellow. An irritant for all the other employees at the firm.

MARCUS ALTEN - Owner and publisher for "Men's Media Magazine". A con man who acts the part of a suave, sophisticated gentleman with fancy clothing and personal rapport. A real smooth-talker. All wrapping but no gift.

MRS. MCPHERSON - Karen's mother. Approximately fifty years old. Emotional woman who has strict ways of looking at things. Very well dressed woman with a secret.

JUNE SOMMERS - A gorgeous model. 20-ish, very athletic build, sweet but not too bright. (If doubling is required, may also play the role of “Secretary # 1”)

AUTUMN FALL - Another gorgeous model, 20-ish, very athletic build, sweet, cheerful.

PAMELA MAXWELL - Karen's frumpy-looking friend. Overweight, nerdy, wears geeky-looking glasses and a sweater. Extremely intelligent.

MS. MARTHA CROM - Alten's administrative assistant. Older woman, late forties, no-nonsense type.

GUIDO PETRINO - A handsome pool cleaner. 20-25-ish.

MALE EMPLOYEE - A strange young man, around early twenties.

MR. GORDON HENDERSON - President of the Wilson Auditing Firm. Round, little man in his early sixties. Speaks with a Southern drawl. Retired colonel with a great deal of power. Bold and demanding man with a flair for fast talking.

Additional EMPLOYEES may be added as needed.

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